How to Book Tickets for...

Sorry, we don't have any events scheduled for this club at this time.

[See bottom of page for info on age restrictions, terms and conditions]

Age Restrictions

Most our shows are over 18 only – unless otherwise stated.

Terms and Conditions

No refunds or exchanges will be issued, except in the case of show cancellation when we will issue a full refund to ticket holders. Please note that line-ups may occasionally be subject to change. When this happens this is almost always completely out of our control. Hence, it is a condition of sale that we reserve the right to make any alterations to advertised listings as necessary.

Any offensive or abusive behaviour will result in the person being removed from the event

We will unfortunately be unable to offer refunds if there are issues with your own technological set-up or if there are issues with your connectivity. We would therefore highly recommend downloading, setting up and testing the Zoom software in advance of the event.