Comedy Courses

Everyone can be creative... it's true!

Many people believe that they are not 'the creative type', but everyone can be. People from all walks of life have learnt how to be more creative, be more spontaneous, communicate more effectively and to just have fun.

Our Improv courses are completely practical, with the learning taking place through taking part in activities that are captivating interesting and fun.

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Our 7 week course starts by concentrating on the quality of the material and the writing. The course teacher develops and tests the various sources of good material until each participant is proficient in all types. When the quality of the material stands on its own feet the course starts to concentrate more on delivery and the nuances of performance such as pauses, props and persona.

The participants will become experienced with a microphone and dealing with an audience, be encouraged to develop their own style, and will receive plenty of feedback along the way aimed at preparing them for a short spot in a showcase in week seven.

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Connect, socialise and play ...

"The town has become infested with werewolves. The townsfolk must take immediate action and eradicate this menace before everyone is eaten!"

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